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Guarding the Heart


Guard your heart more than anything else because¬†the source of your life flows from it. –¬†Proverbs 4:23 (GW)

I recently had a very painful foot surgery. One of my main concerns after the surgery was protecting it from anything that would hinder the healing process. Considering the pain I was experiencing; guarding any movement that caused me any unnecessary pain or distress, was my first priority. After getting home from the hospital; I learned immediately how important elevating and proper positioning my foot helped in preventing any additional discomfort.

Guarding the heart is much like guarding my foot. The heart needs guarding because of its natural bent as part of our fallen nature. Just like the human heart is vital to our human existence; the spiritual heart is vital to our spiritual condition. Scripture teaches us the real issues of life are spiritual and the source of life flows from it. For that reason, the heart is mentioned close to one thousand times in the Bible, depending on the context and the version used. It is used metaphorically, depending on the context; referring to the mind, the will, and the emotions. It may refer to the person as a whole, the total inner person, or to the sinful nature. The heart must be guarded because it is the wellspring of life and determines the course of your life; what we think, say and do. Whatever is in your heart will come out in the way you talk and act. Whatever the heart loves, the ears will hear and the eyes will see. Whatever is in the heart will ultimately come out of the mouth. Matthew 12:33-34. As Children of God we must be careful to have “sound speech that cannot be condemned”, speech that’s gracious and “seasoned with salt.” Colossians 4:6, nkjv.

The heart needs guarding because we do not naturally think or look like God does. I must be careful what I allow to come into my ears. The apostle Paul warns us in Ephesian chapter 4 to beware of “obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking. Whatever I allow to enter my ears will ultimately influence my mind, my heart, and my decisions.

What the eyes are allowed to see determine good or bad results. Outlook determines outcome. We all have some vision before us that helps to determine our values, actions, and plans. However, we would all be wise to emulate David who said, in Psalm 101.3, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.” Walking the path of life; we must look to Jesus to keep the path of life that postures our faith. We must not look back or go on a detour.

As we are guarding our hearts; we must evaluate what we do say and see. Proverbs 5:21, tells us the Lord is looking. He looks at only at the heart. He looks at what the heart is producing. Consider your ways; life is too short and too precious to be wasted on the temporary and the insignificant. If we’re walking in the way of wisdom, God promises to protect our path, direct our path, and perfect our path.

Gracious and Eternal Father, thank You for always at work in the heart Lord, I commit my works unto you, and ask you to establish my thoughts and direct my steps. Let my heart beat only with your desires. Deliver me from all wrongdoing and fleshly desires. Keep me under your faithful, loving, and warm wings of love. Father as I look to You, please continue to protect, direct, and perfect my path. I praise you, for being my Father, Savior, Deliverer and King.

In the precious and preeminent name of Jesus.